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How To Scrunch Out The Crunch

How To Scrunch Out The Crunch (SOTC)

Are you still scared of using gel on your curls? Because of the crispy, crunchy finish? Here's how to use a stronger hold gel, scrunch out the crunch (SOTC) and get soft bouncy curls with long lasting hold.

@sophiemariecurly explains how to SOTC after using the Mega Hold Curl Gel...

BEFORE Scrunching:

Before Scrunching out the crunch 

AFTER Scrunching:

After scrunching out the crunch

✨ Fear no more! Keep watching to see how to transform the crunch into soft bouncy curls, using the Only Curls Mega Hold Curl Gel.


💖 You have already applied your Curl Creme
💖 Glaze the gel over those formed clumps, and start scrunching it in
💖 Flip upside down and scrunch to help with volume
💖 Diffuse or Airdry your hair (try not to disrupt the curl clumps, you can hover diffuse for this)
✨ Once 100% dry your hair should feel crispy, this is a good thing. It means your curls will hold well

🙌🏼 SCRUNCH IT OUT with your hands 🙌🏼

💖 That’s right, simple scrunching motions with your hands and bit of shaking at the root will scrunch away the crunch.
💖 Your hair will still have the hold but with a soft finish and not a crispy one.

Amazing right !?

🥑 This Mega Hold Gel is a special blend of Avocado Oil, Kukui Oil, Flax Seed Oil and Aloe naturally hydrate and nourish curls, whilst promoting shine. It locks in moisture and minimises frizz.

🥰 Perfect for ALL curl types.
🥥  Fresh citrus and coconut fragrance – it smells delicious!

✨ If you already own the original Enhancing Curl Gel? They both have their purpose but…

💖 This one is stronger with a firmer hold. This gel is slightly thicker and contains natural sugar, which helps lift the curls and holds them tighter throughout the drying process.