It’s that time of the year again, when the sun is hot and our curls are bang on trend! Curls are made for summer, especially when we don’t have the wind and rain to worry about. But if you prefer your curls up and out of the way on those hot summer days, then accessories and updos are your best friend.
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Dreaming of embracing your natural curls for your wedding day? We’ve got you covered! Many of us with naturally curly hair grew up thinking it was “messy” or uncontrollable. We all have the memory of a hairbrush getting stuck in our tangles when trying to tame our curls into something more “presentable.” But those days are long gone! Curly hair is making a comeback and being embraced by people, young and old.
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"I don’t have time to wash my hair" is something we have all said at some point as a curly person!

Don’t worry we have the perfect refresh routine from one of our lovely salon stockists Sarah Blew Belle, Cornwall to get your curls looking curlicious with our Mega Hold Gel and water in 4 easy steps...

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Starting out on your curly journey can be a daunting prospect... there's so many products and techniques. We've made it really easy to try out Only Curls and have a really simple recommended routine... Watch our video to find out. 
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How do hormones affect curly hair? We get asked this question a lot, so thought we'd answer in our TikTok video Q&A series.

"Yes, hormones massively affect your hair. So puberty, having a baby, menopause, all three of those things can really change your hair. I'm dealing with much more wavy hair these days after having a baby 18 months ago. So I think I'm a good person to answer your questions because I can give you some good wavy hair tips."

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Wavy hair (type 2) is very versatile and the styling options are endless! If you’re thinking about changing up your hair this year and getting a curly cut is on your to do list check out some gorgeous haircuts below for inspiration!

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Curly hair (type 3) is very versatile and all hairstyles look amazing on curls! If you’re thinking about changing up your curls this year and getting a curly cut is on your to do list check out some gorgeous curly cuts below!

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Coily hair (type 4), the coils and kinks have a beautiful mind of their own. This stunning hair texture has the most amazing volume. If you’re thinking about changing up your curls this year and getting a curly cut is on your to do list check out some gorgeous haircuts below for inspiration!
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The change of seasons is probably every curly girl's worst nightmare, with winter being the top contender! The dry bitter cold air makes our hair even drier, getting wind swept makes detangling the ultimate challenge and our daily environments (with central heating) can also have an impact on our hair. 

Your curls are going to want a little extra TLC during the next few months but don’t worry we have our top tips to keep your curls moisturised this winter!

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We often get asked by our customers: “what is the safest way to dye curly hair”, “how can I minimise the damage”, “is it okay to dye curly hair at all”, “will I lose my curls”? 

These are just some of the questions and we decided to investigate and ask the experts, some of ourSalon Stockists aka the curl specialists. :)
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Embracing your naturally wavy, curly, or coily hair comes with the added task of hair maintenance. Each curl pattern is distinct, with individuals possessing a variety of curl patterns. Finding out what works for each individual is a monumental undertaking in and of itself. It is possible to avoid many of the usual mistakes that individuals make during their transition journey in order to bring out the finest potential of your curls.

These are the top ten errors to avoid, which will help you battle frizz, breakage, and dryness in your hair.

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“How can I get rid of the frizz?”

It's our most commonly asked question here at Only Curls. Here’s our expert tips to help reduce frizz and get your curly/wavy locks under control.

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